Power Predictor 2.0

The Power Predictor is the world's leading micro-renewable energy site assessment tool. It is a low cost device that measures and collects wind and solar data.

What does it do?

* Measures wind speed and direction
* Measures solar irradiance
* Stores data in a weatherproof data logger
* Produces a detailed report
* Answer all the important questions



Who buys a Power Predictor?
* Farmers who are considering large Renewable Energy investments
* Education establishments to use as a teaching aid
* Government departments looking to meet sustainability targets
* Corporate organisations seeking to reduce energy costs
* Wind and Solar resellers wanting to add credibility to their sales activity
* Anyone who thinks we pay too much for Energy



How does it work?
* The device measures and records data
* Upload the data to our website
* Activate the 24 month software licence
* View your existing data in graphical form
* View predicted cost savings and power generation
* Select an accredited wind turbine or solar array
* View a full financial report for your chosen equipment
* Request a formal quotation from an approved installer





FX Guys Anemometer poles are engineered guyed poles to support the Power Predictor Data logging anemometer. Our poles are intended to be installed in remote locations by the personnel available using commonly available tools and equipment.

Requiring only our kit and 4 additional pieces, its portable, transportable, and rugged. These poles allow for complete logging of wind patterns over several months, allowing for informed decisions on wind potential and suitable generators.

Each kit comes with a hinged base, mounting spikes, cables, strut assemblies, couplers, anemometer, and lock box for the data logger. All you need are 3 20` by 1 1/2” aluminum poles, and a 20’ 2” square pole for erecting the complete assembly. We have crews available to assist or handle the installation completely should you prefer. Ask us for a quote!


Robert Yaeger

Senior Partner

Jim Fisher

Senior Partner

Gary Heidrick

Lead Fabricator

Chris Sturges