BC Place

With our extensive experience and problem solving abilities, we are an obvious choice when the unthinkable happens. Friday Jan 5th, 2007 the roof material on BC Place tore and the largest air supported dome in the world collapsed. Saturday morning our team was on site evaluating the project and what we would need to put in place to affect the repairs.

Working with Riggit Services, we were able to effect repairs and re-inflate the roof within two weeks. Custom techniques and tools were developed; original engineering and unique problems were overcome, all within a very tight time frame. For the first time, the permanent patch was installed over top of the temporary patch so the roof did not have to be deflated again.

When it was time to re-install the new roof at BC Place, we were again the obvious choice. With a team approaching 100 people we installed a fixed roof in record time.


Robert Yaeger

Senior Partner

Jim Fisher

Senior Partner

Gary Heidrick

Lead Fabricator

Chris Sturges