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BC Place Roof Repair

A multi-faceted manufacturing company which draws on our experience in the motion picture industry to provide timely innovative solutions to complex manufacturing or construction projects.

Installation of the new BC Place Roof

With our experience with the BC Place roof repair and reinstall, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and projects for CTV, Whistler, and others, we are able to utilize a wide range of skills and experiences.

Our team comes with years of experience in such diverse fields as 20 years tool and die making, 20 years of custom structural fabrication and commercial automation including bridges, stanchions, chairlift towers, 13 years of high volume manufacturing, and 10 years computer automation, controls and wiring.

Olympic Retractable Broadcast Platform

Combined with our sixty plus years of aggregate motion picture experience, we are able to offer such services as:

  • Architectural Metal Fabricating
  • Structural Metal Fabricating
  • Industrial Rigging
  • Precision machining
  • Industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Installations


World Juniors Elevating Broadcast Platform

As well as the skills and experience above, we are also skilled with fabricating in all materials including all metals, glass and plastics; hydraulics, CNC machining and programming, mould making, surveying, heavy equipment operation, electronics, pneumatics, gas fitting, plumbing, construction, and electrical. Amongst our staff we have a certified pressure welder, millwright, fabricator, and master toolmaker. Our primary facilities are a 5000 sq foot well equipped fabricating shop in North Vancouver.

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Robert Yaeger

Senior Partner

Jim Fisher

Senior Partner

Gary Heidrick

Lead Fabricator

Chris Sturges